About us

Our Vision

To encourage the spiritual, mental, social and physical development of boys and girls by:

  • Developing their character
  • Training them in citizenship
  • Developing their personal fitness by promoting their spiritual, mental and physical qualities

Our Mission

  • To make available voluntary membership regardless of colour, race or creed
  • To develop a spiritual awareness among our members
  • To create for each member an awareness of, and involvement in, service to others and the community
  • To use the opportunities of scouting in accordance with its purpose, principles and method, in order to develop in our members unprejudiced attitudes and an understanding of, and respect for, others
  • To promote a commitment to a code of values which results in self-discipline and the development of the member’s full potential that will enable each one to take a meaningful place in society



  • Be Prepared


  • A cub tries his best to do at least one good turn to somebody every day